More than 54.6 million people are expected to travel this Thanksgiving, nearing pre-pandemic levels, according to the American Automobile Assn. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Americans feel freer.
COVID-19's death rate hit Latino seniors hardest, and that's threatening the community's long-heralded family structure. LA Times
This is the Democrats' playbook in a nutshell. Accusing their opponents for their own hateful tactics. This time it backfired. But there will always be a next time. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Democrats are hypocrites.


A US Department of Education deputy director, who was appointed under President Biden, poked fun at Evangelical Christians and claimed democracy was based on "White supremacy," according to her Twitter profile.  New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden people are mad.
The carving of the turkey is a symbolic moment in every Thanksgiving dinner. Learn how to carve and garnish your turkey perfectly!       USA Today
Customs and Border Protection agents working the World Trade Bridge border crossing in Laredo, Texas, seized almost 119 pounds of cocaine worth over $1.5 million, the agency announced Wednesday. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Madness!
People who were vaccinated against COVID-19 died in larger numbers than those who were unvaccinated against the virus for the first time since the pandemic's onset in the U.S., according to a new report. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Bad news or Biden and the CDC.
Elon Musk exposed Twitter to legal peril, experts told ABC News. ABC
VOA VIEW: Musk knows his legal rights - liberal media bias.
Former Elle columnist E. Jean Carroll will file a new lawsuit against former President Trump on Thanksgiving, the first day a new state law takes effect, her lawyers say. ABC
VOA VIEW: Foolishness!


Recouped funds are a fraction of the billions of dollars thought to have gone missing from the exchange's coffers. CBS
Ukraine has assembled an army of drones as the war reaches its nine-month mark this week. CBS
VOA VIEW: The fighting seams never-ending.
The state's high court on Wednesday put a lower court ruling on hold that had overturned the ban on abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy. CBS
VOA VIEW: Six weeks seems reasonable.
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday released minutes from its Nov. 1-2 meeting. CNBC

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Elon Musk has announced big plans for Twitter since he took over the social network last month. CNBC
Barry Silbert, the founder of crypto conglomerate DCG, said his company is on pace to generate $800 million in revenue this year as he tries to calm investors. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Crypto us a foolish investment.
The Covid-19 pandemic severely disrupted vaccination services, resulting in millions of kids missing their measles shots. CNBC


Disney CEO Bob Iger to speak with Disney employees at town hall on Monday, a week after he was rehired. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Disney went woke - a major mistake.
Surging Covid infections make it harder for China to achieve zero-Covid without reverting to a harsh lockdown, Macquarie's Chief China Economist Larry Hu said. CNBC
VOA VIEW: China caused its own problem.
Google employees say recent actions taken by executives is leading to increased anxiety that job cuts are on the way. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Google will have its negative days coming.
While discounts on new cars remain minimal by historical standards, buyers are paying less above sticker price than they have been as inventory improves a bit. CNBC
Donald Trump is under criminal investigation by the DOJ in connection with efforts to remain in the White House after losing to President Joe Biden. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Pence would be foolish to go against Trump.

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The CDC, in a report published Wednesday, found that about 51% of abortions in 2020 were performed with the pill at or before the ninth week of pregnancy. CNBC
NordPass, the password management tool, released its list of the 200 most common passwords in 2022— and people are still using notoriously weak passwords. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Hackers should be severely punished.
The IRS on Tuesday warned taxpayers about the new $600 threshold for receiving Form 1099-K for third-party payments. Here's why you may receive one. CNBC

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In the holiday shopping rush, you may be tempted to say yes when asked if you want to apply for a store credit card. Here's why you may want to think twice. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Credit card debt and interest are too high.
Former President Donald Trump faces a series of court cases as he seeks the 2024 Republican nomination for the White House. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The SC made a major mistake.
With new EVs and SUVs, the company's Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands are expected to capture nearly 11% of the U.S. new vehicle market this year. CNBC
The US Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved Hemgenix, a new drug to treat hemophilia. Manufacturer CSL Behring set the price at $3.5 million per treatment, making it the most expensive drug in the world. CNN
November and December are known as the most depressing months in Moscow. The days are short and dark, and the weather is too cold and wet to be outdoors much but still too warm and rainy to enjoy the real Russian winter. CNN
VOA VIEW: Putin will pay a heavy price.
Three weeks before the midterm elections, Kevin McCarthy enraged the pro-Trump House Freedom Caucus after the GOP leader publicly suggested he has yet to see any impeachable offenses committed by the Biden administration. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN and liberal media wishful thinking.
Green Sprouts is recalling its stainless steel straw bottles, sippy cups and sip & straw cups for toddlers, after seven reports of the base breaking off, exposing a bonding metal that contains lead. UPI

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