Replacing President Biden on the ballot is essentially impossible, unless he quits. Strategists are mulling how he can reset his campaign to fight Trump. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Dems are in a big problem.
A New Mexico judge cleared the way for a criminal trial against actor Alex Baldwin for his role in the fatal shooting of a cinematographer during filming of the movie 'Rust.' LA Times
The Republican National Committee (RNC) is recruiting suburbanites to monitor the polls in largely Democrat-leaning cities for Election Day. Newsmax


Political strategist James Carville, whose name was used in Biden fundraising messages Saturday after he predicted the president wouldn't be on the ballot this November. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Desperation!
President Joe Biden "choked" during their CNN debate and appeared to be in a "trance," former President Donald Trump wrote Saturday on Truth Social. Newsmax
Slowly but steadily this summer, Russian troops are forging through Ukraine's outgunned and undermanned defenses in a relentless onslaught, prompting the West to push for new weapons and strategies to shore up Kyiv. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Things will change after November 5.
Former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley warned Donald Trump to "get ready" for the impending change she predicted the Democrats are about to spring on the 2024 election. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Haley should get smart.
House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., has spoken about seeking to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Joe Biden, because he might not be running the country and his weakness is on display for American enemies to take advantage. Newsmax
VOA VIEW: Biden has hurt the US.
Michigan Democrats passed a sweeping $83 billion state budget, cutting teachers’ pensions and school-safety spending to fund ambitious new business projects — and more than $330 million for lawmakers' pet projects.  New York Post
VOA VIEW: Sad for the state.


"I just don't understand why she is so adamant about defending him and keeping him in the race since it appears that he's struggling," Stevenson said. New York Post
While the Democratic party and staunch supporters of President Biden wrestled with his dismal debate performance and his future as the party's nominee for president, some House Democrats took aim at the debate moderators for not offering more pushback against former President Donald Trump. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Dems wanted the deck stacked more than it was.
New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signed a $56.6 billion budget moments before midnight Friday, hiking taxes on high-earning corporations to help the state's transit agency while spending billions on education and other programs. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Mad Dems.
Conservative activists in Georgia and some other states are quietly pushing a way to remove names from the voting rolls without filing a formal legal challenge. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Dems will lie and cheat for power.

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A federal judge granted a motion Friday to temporarily stop Oklahoma from enforcing its new anti-immigration law that would make it a crime to live in the state without legal immigration status. Washington Times
Joe Biden vows to stay in the race after calls to bow out following debate; Daniel Rose runs two restaurants — one in Paris and one in New York. Here's how he does it CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden and Dems are in a dilemma.
The Supreme Court released three major decisions on Friday. The court ruled to overturn the decades-old Chevron doctrine, limiting how federal agencies can enforce regulations, raised the bar for obstruction charges against Jan. 6 rioters, and upheld a law that lets cities ban homeless people from sleeping outside. CBS
VOA VIEW: Good for America.


Some of the world's largest companies have toned down their Pride campaigns in the wake of last year's backlash against Target and Bud Light. CBS
Former President Donald Trump addressed a rally in Chesapeake, Virginia, a day after his first 2024 debate with President Biden. CBS
The Supreme Court issued a consequential decision on Friday that could affect the prosecutions of more than 300 Jan. 6 cases, as well as the special counsel's case against former President Donald Trump. The justices said prosecutors went too far by using an obstruction charge against those who breached the Capitol on that fateful day. Jan Crawford reports on the far-reaching implications. CBS
President Biden raised $85 million in May, lagging Donald Trump's $141 million. CNBC
Three New York boroughs are among the most expensive U.S. places to live, with Manhattan's cost of living more than double the national average. CNBC

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President Joe Biden has left many Democrats concerned that he is not their best chance to defeat Donald Trump in the 2024 election. CNBC
When it comes to retirement, Gen Xers are a long way off from their savings goals. But it's not too late to get on track. Here's how to get started. CNBC
Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey has announced that migrants sheltering at Boston's Logan International Airport are to be removed from the facility and placed in a new shelter. FOX News

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The second tropical of the season, Beryl, emerged late Friday night in the Atlantic Ocean and is forecast to become the first hurricane in 2024. UPI
Israel on Saturday struck Hezbollah targets in Lebanon in response to the militant group's airstrikes along the Israeli-Lebanese border. UPI
VOA VIEW: Messing with Israel is a dumb move.
President Joe Biden is hosting a major fundraiser in the Hamptons Saturday, as he looks to quell criticism of his debate with former president Donald Trump. UPI
VOA VIEW: Interesting!
President Biden's hoarse stammering during Thursday's presidential debate has ignited concerns among Democrats about the November election. He said Friday he had a sore throat. UPI
VOA VIEW: Biden is the biggest liar.
France's far-right National Rally party is showing a large lead in the latest polls ahead of the country's national election Sunday. UPI
VOA VIEW: The liberal left is losing everywhere.
The Biden administrations has proposed new language for parts of the cease-fire and hostage deal between Israel and Hamas after negotiations have stalled. UPI
VOA VIEW: Another foolish gesture.

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